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Multipure Water Filtration Systems

Multipure Independent Distributor

I.D. # 424948

Carole Allen

386 437 7019

What Makes Multipure Unique

                                              Multipure's Solid Carbon Block

Blending industry-leading ltration performance, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience, Multipure’s Solid Carbon Block Filter uses a combination of mechanical ltration, electrokinetic adsorption, and physiochemical adsorption. The solid carbon block pre-flter electrokinetically adsorbs contaminants before the water passes into the carbon block, where the densely compacted carbon block’s microscopically-small pores mechanically intercept particles as small as 0.5 microns. Remaining contaminants are physiochemically adsorbed to the carbon block as water passes through. The large surface area of the carbons provides maximum contact with the water for maximum ltration.


  • Utilizes three types of filtration: mechanical fitration, electrokinetic adsorption, and physiochemical adsorption
  • Very high filtration surface contact area
  • No water channeling effect
  • No wasted water
  • No electricity required
  • No chemicals added to the water
  • No healthful minerals removed from the water

Experience Multipure's Business Opportunity 
Work From Home

Help Save the Environment-Earn over $100.00 per sale. Be your own boss. Get the support from a company in business over 40 years.

Environmental entrepreneurs or ecopreneurs are people who believe that environmental products and services
can serve as a synergy of business opportunity and environmental responsibility.

The Multipure business opportunity promotes not just entreprenurarship but ecopreneurship. 
Take into consideration this: 50 million barrels of oil are used
annually to manufacture plastic bottles
2 million tons of plastic bottles end up in US landfills each year

Bottled water uses fossil fuels in the making, filling, transporting and recycling of plastic water bottles

Multipure Drinking Water Systems provide a way to enjoy water that is cleaner 
more healthful and more economical
than bottled water while also utilizing a solid carbon block filter that can potentially remove environmental pollutants
even when placed in a landfill.

Ultimiately the Multipure business opportunity allows you and your family 
a better future for yourself, for your family and for your
By becoming a Multipure distrubuter
you become not just a network marketer or entreprenur but an ecopreneur          
Carole Allen Multipure's salesperson of the year 2011  
Contact me and I will help you get started.