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Multipure Water Filtration Systems

Multipure Independent Distributor

I.D. # 424948

Carole Allen

386 437 7019

September is National Emergency Preparedness 

Multipure Urges Families to Have an

Emergency Plan in Place Before Disaster Strikes.

Natural disasters have wreaked havoc across our

nation, causing infrastructure damage making it

difficult to obtain clean water.

Although bottled water offers a solution to some, it is a limited resource and stores often run out in emergencies.

Having a way to safe drinking water in emergency situations is an essential piece of the preparedness equation. And we are happy to assist with that by letting you know about this FREE WET System offer from Multipure.

Multipure gives you the opportunity to receive a FREE Multipure Water Emergency Treatment (WET) System (worth $85 retail) with the purchase of any Multipure Drinking Water System!

(you only pay an extra $10 for S/H fee)

You can place your orders easily here…just press “ENTER SITE” above our photo


As a Multipure Distributor I would like to reminds Americans that taking a couple minutes to prepare now can keep loved ones safe in the event of an emergency.

I would like to also recommend that customers purchase a hand pump to be able to use it with the Multipure that they already own in case there is no water pressure at their tap.

Carole Allen