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Multipure Water Filtration Systems

Multipure Independent Distributor

I.D. # 424948

Carole Allen

386 437 7019



Consumer Reports Recommend Multipure

Posted by crystalcleandrinkingwater on 5 March, 2017 at 18:20 Comments comments (0)
The Multi-Pure MP750SB is part of the water filter test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, water filter models like the MP750SB are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Water filters

Approximate retail price:
Dividing line

Best Rated Multipure MP750SB – 2012 Consumer Reports water filter review awarded the highest grade MP750SB undersink filter.
Multipure undersink filter systems are on top in the 2012 Consumer Reports review of undersink water filters. Multipure MP750SB is one of the best filtration systems on the market.

Click here for current Multipure promotions.

Multipure Triple Guarantee

Posted by crystalcleandrinkingwater on 7 January, 2017 at 17:30 Comments comments (0)

                                   Multipure International
                        Dedication to Excellence... Triple Guarantee
                        90 Days - Satisfaction Guaranteed
If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your Multipure Drinking Water System, Multipure will refund 100% of the purchase price.*

                  Lifetime Warranty on Stainless Steel & Plastic          

The exterior stainless steel housing and plastic housing (canister) is warranted for use and will be repaired or replaced at NO CHARGE.**

                                 12 Months - Accessories Warranty 
All exterior hoses and attachments are warranted for use and will be repaired or          replaced at NO CHARGE.

                                          7251 Cathedral Rock Drive Las Vegas, NV 89128 800.622.9206 •                  

                                                                email: [email protected]
Proof of Purchase Required (warranty begins from the date of purchase) * Shipping and handling fees excluded. ** Provided that filter has been replaced at least once a year.

Multipure’s Warranty/Refund Policy on Items other than Multipure’s Drinking Water Systems.
Warranty: 12 months Return policy: 90 days
Return policy: 90 days
Emergency Kit:Warranty: N/A Return policy: 30 days; all items must be returned and unopened
Warranty: 12 Months Return Policy: 30 days
Hose and Diverter Valve:Warranty: 12 months Return Policy: N/A
Parts:Warranty: N/A Return Policy: 30 days
Replacement Filters:Warranty: 30 days Return policy: N/A
Sales Aids:Warranty: N/A Return Policy: 30 days; only if package is unopened
wriggle Bottle:Warranty: 6 Months Return policy: 30 days
wriggle Filter:Warranty: 14 days Return policy: 14 days
Note: On the return policy, customer will receive refund minus the shipping and handling fees paid.

President Obama Recommends Water Filter Usage To Prevent Cancer

Posted by Carole Allen on 25 June, 2015 at 11:15 Comments comments (0)


  • To protect against cancer, President Obama's research team recommends home water filtration. NSF certifies which water filters are the most effective in reducing harmful health contaminants.
  • Read More


Posted by Carole Allen on 22 June, 2015 at 16:00 Comments comments (0)

Human exposure:

  • Exposure occurs from occupations, airborne inhalation, traces in foods and alcoholic beverages and minimal amounts in some drinking waters.
  • Outdoor airborne levels average about 1 ppb and contribute around 7.5 µg/day.
  • Indoor air is greater with contributions from secondhand cigarette smoke, gas cooking, wood burning stoves and fireplaces, as well as releases from furnishings and attached garages, with levels as high as 31 µg/m3.
  • Cigarette smoking is the single, greatest human exposure source. A cigarette smoker can inhale about 1.8 mg (1800 µg) per day directly from 32 cigarettes.
  • Drinking water is a negligible source for the vast majority of people…
Multipure Commentary:
Multipure Drinking Water Systems have been certified by NSF International to reduce the widest range of contaminants of health concern including Benzene, a VOC under Standard 53.

New standard evaluates effective Cryptosporidium removal from public drinking water

Posted by Carole Allen on 22 June, 2015 at 15:50 Comments comments (0)

NSF International announced it has published the first consensus-based American National Standard to evaluate municipal water filtration technologies’ performance in removing Cryptosporidium from public drinking water supplies, according to a press release.
The new standard, NSF/ANSI 419: Public Drinking Water Equipment Performance – Filtration, incorporates federal and state regulatory requirements, “assisting state regulators in verifying compliance while reducing time and costs for manufacturers by streamlining the testing process,” stated the release…
Multipure Commentary:
Multipure Drinking Water Systems have been certified by NSF International to reduce the widest range of contaminants of health concern including Cryptosporidium reduction under Standard 53.

The Water Cure

Posted by Carole Allen on 22 June, 2015 at 0:40 Comments comments (0)

You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty. Your not just what you eat; you are what you drink. This is why water is so important to your health.

For the Healthiest drinking water system certified by NSF for standard # 53 AND 401 choose Multipure.

 The minerals are not removed thus the alkalinity is not effected and the chlorine DBP's are removed thus as stated by NSF "MOST EFFECTIVE" EVER tested in 71yrs in over NINE THOUSAND units.
  Free shower filter  a $40.00 savings with ANY drinking water system ordered thru end of month of June 2015. Lifetime warranty on housing. 
We suggest that you replace the Multipure Solid Carbon Block filter once each year

Multipure Water Filter Reviews

Posted by Carole Allen on 20 June, 2015 at 16:45 Comments comments (0)

                                          Which water filter is right for you?

With contaminants present in our drinking water it is important to filter our water.
Most public water has been treated with cloramines and ammonia  or chlorine and, do not take out synthtic chemicals and metals such as lead. To remove all the toxic contaminants an under the sink unit is the best choice.

If you have a well and are near farmland, you probably have nitrates in your water. If you live near an airforce base you may have chromium V1. To remove all toxins and fluoride you are best served by using a RO (reverse osmosis) system.

If you want to make sure your water is clean at the point of entry a whole house system is for you. Multipure's whole house Aquasource is the only one in the market that will remove lead.

Showering can be toxic as the chlorine in your water is enhanced by hot water and you end up being in a gas chamber.

A Better Way To Water

Posted by Carole Allen on 19 June, 2015 at 15:50 Comments comments (0)
Better Water-Better Health

Multipure Drinking Water Systems.
For healthier living experts recommended that you drink about eight glasses of water a day. Maintaining good health and proper hydration is easier with a Multipure Drinking Water System because the water tastes great and is less expensive.

Environmentally Friendly
* Reduces your carbon footprint
* Protect the environment by reducing plastic bottles in landfills
* Made from renewable resources that are biodegradable

The Benefits
* Easy and convenient to use, provides delicious, clear, healthier drinking water whenever you need it.
* Better-tasting beverages--coffee, tea, juices, and drinks of all kinds.
* Use for food preparation, imporving the taste of fruits and vegetables.
* Highest quality water for cooking-- better pasta and sauces, soups, etc.
* Your pets will love it too!
* Less expensive than bottled water
Multipure # 424948

NSF STANDARD 401 Certified

Posted by Carole Allen on 4 April, 2015 at 16:40 Comments comments (0)

To Our Valued Distributors,

Multipure is proud to announce that as of Saturday, March 21, 2015, Multipure's Aquadome and Aquaversa Drinking Water Systems are NSF-certified for NSF/ANSI Standard 401: Emerging Compounds/Incidental Contaminants.

                                      Read More:

Breast Cancer Prevention

Posted by Carole Allen on 10 January, 2015 at 19:05 Comments comments (0)

Multipure - a Factor in Breast Cancer Prevention

Sponsors of study advocate use of solid carbon block filters to limit exposure to breast cancer chemicals.

Multipure Aquaversa and Solid Carbon Block Filter
Multipure Aquaversa and Solid Carbon Block Filter
Among the preventative measures advised include limiting exposure to gasoline fumes and vehicle exhaust, avoiding flame-retardant and stain-resistant furniture, and using a solid carbon block filter to treat drinking water.
Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) May 14, 2014

A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, identifies key chemicals in the formation of breast cancer tumors. Sponsors of the study advocate methods to limit exposure – including the use of solid carbon block filters for drinking water.

Read More:

10 Reasons for a Shower Filter

Posted by Carole Allen on 11 December, 2014 at 17:25 Comments comments (0)

Filter Options/Apartment/Renters

Posted by Carole Allen on 26 July, 2014 at 14:10 Comments comments (0)

Best Water Filter Options For Apartment or House Renters

The best water filter options for those living in apartments or rented houses are limited to countertop and pitcher filters. You wish you can filter water coming to your whole but your lease does not permit you to install a permanent water filtering system or the lease simple prevents you from tampering with the plumbing system in the house or apartment. 

Fortunately, you can install a water filter through another method. Water filters come in different brands, types, and capacities to meet your specific needs. You can install a treatment system at the point of use without cutting into the plumbings. 

Filters that do not need plumbing works are carafes or pitchers, faucet-mount, and countertop. A showerhead filter is good for the bathroom if you feel itchy after you shower toremove the chlorine that cause itchiness and scaly skin.*162485fa665771db17c0ab5df7&name=Carole_Allen_424948&url= 
Multipure MPAD (Aquadome)  is a highly effective countertop filter.  The filter is very easy to install, and will provide you with clearer, healthier water for cooking and drinking.  The filter life is 12 months compared with most filters that have between 2 months to 6 months.

Multipure MPAD will treat up to 750 gallons of water for almost a year before you change the filter. 

It’s also certified to remove a wider range of contaminants including mercury, lead, PCB, Giardia cysts, asbestos, MTBE, VOCs, and a host of other contaminants.. 

This Consumer Digest Best Buy system is very easy to install making it an excellent option for apartment renters, dorms, offices, and in RVs. 

Multipure's De-Chlorinating Shower Filter (Aquashower)

You deserve healthier water in every aspect of your daily life, not just the drinking water. Our Multipure dechlorinating shower filter provides a long lasting solution to the problems associated with exposure to excessive amounts of chlorine. 

Its specially-formulated KDFâ filter media effectively reduces 90% or more of chlorine from shower water. Once in contact with the KDFâ, chlorine in the water converts into an environmentally safe and harmless soluble zinc chloride.

Because of this superior chlorine reduction, you will see changes in the way your hair and skin feel including...

Multipure Sizzle Calls

Posted by Carole Allen on 18 July, 2014 at 14:20 Comments comments (0)


Want a sizzling new tool for your customers and prospects?
Multipure provides you and your prospects with 24-hour access to our pre-recorded, toll-free Multipure Sizzle Calls! At their convenience, callers can learn about Multipure’s innovative line of water filtration products, our exceptional business opportunity, and the many reasons why Multipure is superior to bottled water!

Multipure currently offers free weekly live corporate opportunity calls every Monday and Wednesday to update you with the latest news and information about Multipure’s products, opportunity, and promotions. With Multipure’s Sizzle Calls, you gain another excellent tool for success.

Whether you’re interested in better health, or an eco-friendly alternative to bottled water, or the chance for financial control and freedom, our Sizzle Calls present a powerful and accessible informational and motivational resource. And because you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our Sizzle Calls are convenient for everyone interested in cleaner water and better lives.

So spread the word, dial in, and get sizzled with Multipure!
Multipure Sizzle Calls
  U.S. Toll-Free Phone Number: 1.855.MP-4-PURE (1.855.674.7873)  3 different Sizzle Call topics (5-7 minutes each)

For more info please contact Michele Priest via email at [email protected]
or at 800.622.9206.


Master Class Mondays
Start your week with energy, excitement, and knowledge! Master Class Mondays is a FREE corporate training conference call.

Distributor Resources
A page full of tools to make your Business successful. This page is packed with information, promotions, artwork and more.

Chromium VI

Posted by Carole Allen on 17 July, 2014 at 0:55 Comments comments (0)




What is it:


Chromium VIor CrVI or Cr+6 is the highest oxidation state of the chromium element.

The most common forms of chromium are CrVI and CrIII as well as the metal.

Chromium (At.No. 24, At.Wt. 51.99) is the 21st most abundant element in the earth’s crust.

It is found in plants, rocks, foods and in animals in small amounts.

CrVI is an occupational carcinogen by inhalation; CrIII is a likely essential nutrient.

CrVI became famous in the Erin Brockovitch movie about chromium groundwater contamination in Hinckley, Calif…


Multipure - a Factor in Breast Cancer Prevention

Posted by Carole Allen on 15 May, 2014 at 13:55 Comments comments (0)

Sponsors of study advocate use of solid carbon block filters to limit exposure to breast cancer chemicals.

Multipure Aquaversa and Solid Carbon Block Filter

Multipure Aquaversa and Solid Carbon Block Filter

Among the preventative measures advised include limiting exposure to gasoline fumes and vehicle exhaust, avoiding flame-retardant and stain-resistant furniture, and using a solid carbon block filter to treat drinking water.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) May 14, 2014

A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, identifies key chemicals in the formation of breast cancer tumors. Sponsors of the study advocate methods to limit exposure – including the use of solid carbon block filters for drinking water.

The study, New Exposure Biomarkers as Tools For Breast Cancer Epidemiology, Biomonitoring, and Prevention: A Systematic Approach Based on Animal Evidence, was jointly-conducted by scientists from the Silent Spring Institute and the Harvard School of Public Health. They identify 17 groups of commonly encountered carcinogenic chemicals linked to breast cancer, including benzene and butadiene (found in vehicle exhaust, tobacco smoke, or charred food), methylene chloride (found in cleaning solvents), flame retardants (found in treated furniture or rugs), stain-resistant textiles (found in furniture upholstery), and disinfection byproducts (found in drinking water). Among the preventative measures advised include limiting exposure to gasoline fumes and vehicle exhaust, avoiding flame-retardant and stain-resistant furniture, and using a solid carbon block filter to treat drinking water.

Multipure’s Interim Vice President of Marketing and Certified Water Specialist, Kenton Jones, is proud that this study reaffirms Multipure’s core belief of better water for better health and better lives. “Multipure has always believed in helping people by helping them obtain cleaner, better water. For over forty years, we have worked to bring the best water filters and water treatment devices to the market, and our current solid carbon block filters are NSF-certified to reduce the broadest array of contaminants of health concern. Our filters are proven to reduce many of the contaminants listed in this study, including disinfection byproducts, benzene, and other carcinogens. I can’t stress enough how important it is for people to protect their water with a Multipure solid carbon block-based system.”

Silent Spring Institute is an organization dedicated to identifying and breaking the links between environmental chemicals and breast cancer. The Harvard School of Public Health is an institute dedicated to the advancement of public health through research and education. Environmental Health Perspectives is a peer-reviewed research journal focused on the interrelationships between the environment and human health, published with support from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Founded in 1970, Multipure is an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of drinking water systems and compressed solid carbon block filters. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Multipure employs over 200 people, and is committed to being a company that provides the people of the world with the best quality drinking water at an affordable price. Multipure is a member of the Water Quality Association, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce,

Imitation Filters

Posted by Carole Allen on 10 May, 2014 at 15:30 Comments comments (0)

Dear Valued Distributors,

I have recently heard growing concerns regarding imitation carbon block filters that are “Multipure compatible”. As we all know, the water filtration industry is full of incredible potential. There have always been competing products on the market as well as “knock-offs” attempting to capitalize on Multipure’s superior products. However, with an increasing number of companies entering this expanding market, and with the ease of finding products in today’s information age, these products are more prevalent and visible than ever.

The simple fact remains that these products are inferior to Multipure’s certified products. In the end, there are two options a consumer faces when selecting a drinking water filter for themselves and their family. The first option is to choose a Multipure product with broad performance certifications, superior capabilities, and exceptional quality backed by a lifetime warranty. The second option is to choose a product without these assurances. Simply review the fine print, the list of performance claims, and the information available on the options, and the answer will be as clear as a glass of Multipure water.

Let me provide an example. The CB6 cartridge is NSF certified for 67 contaminants, most of which are health concern contaminants including Lead, VOCs, PCBs, MTBE, and Cysts. An available “knock-off” cartridge is certified for nothing and adds the following disclaimer: “If you know that tap water contains a chemical contaminant of health effect, then you may want to install a specialty filter to remove the contaminant of concern before water enters this filter.”

If your customer insists on purchasing a knock-off filter, please have them take the advice of the competition and put a CB6 filter in place before the knock-off cartridge. My advice would be to save themselves the frustration, risk, and cost of an inferior product, and just stick with a product we all have confidence in: Multipure.


Zachary Rice

Arsenic Water Treatment Technical Tips

Posted by Carole Allen on 7 April, 2014 at 14:05 Comments comments (0)

A breakdown of this harmful contaminant and what customers must be mindful of.

February 3, 2014 (Water Tech - editorial staff )
Today, most consumers and prospects are at least mildly aware of the health risks involved with drinking water containing high levels of arsenic (As), or even low levels over a period of time. Water treatment dealers often face a different challenge when communicating that arsenic may be present in a consumer’s water.

Since arsenic is an odorless, tasteless metalloid, which can enter water naturally through the erosion of natural deposits in the Earth, most end consumers will not be able to conclude that this contaminant is present in their drinking water without testing.

Arsenic is acutely toxic, but it also has chronic toxicity and it is a human carcinogen. Inorganic arsenic (arsenate and arsenite) is considered more of a risk than the organic forms that predominate in the diet. Skin, bladder and lung cancer have been identified from exposures to inorganic arsenic at high water and dietary exposure levels.

To read complete article, go to:

Multipure Commentary:
Multipure Drinking Water Systems have been certified by NSF International to reduce the widest range of contaminants of health concern. Multipure’s Aquaperform (MP880) units have been certified by NSF International, under Standard 53, to reduce Arsenic V.

Multipure Certified to Reduce Radon

Posted by Carole Allen on 7 April, 2014 at 13:00 Comments comments (0)

Radon in Drinking Water

radon in drinking water

Public Health Standards for Radon in Drinking Water

**Multipure Aquadome and Aquaversa models are certified to reduce Radon.

EPA's proposal for public health standards for radon in drinking water provided two options to States and community water systems for reducing radon health risks in both drinking water and indoor air quality, a unique multimedia framework authorized in the 1996 Amendments to the Safewater Drinking Water Act (SDWA).  Information about the proposed rule and information relating to the status of the rule can be found at

Safe Drinking Water Hotline

Call toll free and speak with an Information Specialist Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm eastern time at 1-800-426-4791. The Hotline is closed on Federal holidays, except Veteran's Day, but closed the day after Thanksgiving.

The Safe Drinking Water Hotline telecommunications system provides only recorded messages in English and Spanish 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Bilingual service is available. An introductory telephone message tells Spanish callers to leave a detailed message. Bilingual Information Specialists will return these calls.

About the Safewater Hotline and Services Available.

NAS Report on Radon in Drinking Water - "Risk Assessment of Radon in Drinking Water"

The report, released September 15, 1998 by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), is the most comprehensive accumulation of scientific data on the public health risks of radon in drinking water. The report was required by the Safe Drinking Water Act. The NAS report (BEIR VI) confirms that radon is a serious public health threat. The report goes on to refine the risks of radon in drinking water and confirms that there are drinking water related cancer deaths, primarily due to lung cancer. The report in general confirms earlier EPA scientific conclusions and analyses for drinking water, and presents no major changes to EPA's 1994 risk assessment.

The Report can be read and purchased from exiting EPA (ISBN-10: 0-309-06292-6/ISBN-13: 978-0-309-06292-3, National Academy Press, 256 pages, 1999.) The listed hardcover price for the book is $37.46 U.S. The NAS Executive Summary of the report and initial EPA perspectives are available online at