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Multipure Water Filtration Systems

Multipure Independent Distributor

I.D. # 424948

Carole Allen

386 437 7019

                                             A Better Way To Water Multipure
Water, next to the air you breathe there is nothing more essential to good health and longevity than water. drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day helps to prevent such physical ailments as hypertension fatigue back and joint pain asthma.
People who drink filtered water are significantly less likely to contract serious illnesses including many forms of cancer.
You and your family are still exposed to hidden toxins in you home and place of business. How would you know? More than thirty years after the passage of the federal safe drinking water act toxic dumping varying municipal treatment methods and out dated water delivery systems remain a problem in the developed world.
In big cities your drinking water is susceptible to a variety of chemicals, paralytic cysts and dangerous heavy metals before it ever reaches your tap.
The Environmental Protection Agency does a good job of protecting you from dangerous chemicals before it ever reaches our tap but the truth is the EPA has identified thousands of chemicals that may be found in our water supply yet only requires the testing of fewer than 100 of theist known pollutants.For many people who understand the danger of drinking contaminants turn to bottled but bottled water may simply be tap water that's been processed and repackaged sometimes costing more than a gallon of gas. There simply must be A Better Way To Water

For more than 4 decades Multipure Drinking Water Systems, the premier manufacturer of high quality water filtration devices, has been committed to using products that reduce the widest range of potentially dangerous contaminants. They provide millions of customers with the healthiest, most enjoyable water available at an affordable price.

When you use a Multipure drinking water system in your home or office you will be guaranteed nothing less than refreshing safer water every time. Multipure is A Better Way to Water.

How do we know? NSF International is a non for profit organization that provides fair objective unbiased information about many products on the market that impact the safety of your water.
If a product has been certified by NSF that means that the product claims have bee verified and the product has met strict NSF standards. In the case of water treatment products NSF certifies that the system does not add substances to water that the system is structurally sound and the literature and labeling is not misleading.
NSF even conducts annual unannounced inspections to confirm the manufacturing process. Look for the NSF seal and review the list of contaminants the drinking water system is certified to reduce. Some reduce only one or two contaminants while others are certified to reduce many more contaminants including chlorine lead and disinfection byproducts.

Although chlorine is recognized as a beneficial disinfectant in the water treatment process it has an extremely foul taste and smell and has its own potential hazards. chlorine has been known to react with organic substances found in most water supplies. This reaction creates cancer causing compounds known as disinfection byproducts.

Multipure eliminates chlorine's unpleasant taste and odor and is certified by NSF to reduce trihalomethans and other disinfection byproducts. Lead is one of the most widely spread contamination issues in the US it is known to cause damage to the nervous system and the kidneys and is highly toxic to children and pregnant women.
Drinking water filters using Multipure's carbon block technology were the first to be NSF certified for lead reduction. Multipure systems also reduce MTBE a potentially dangerous gasoline additive that dissolves easily in water. Thousands of documented leaking gasoline storage tanks throughout the country make it likely that MTBE has contaminated our public water systems and private drinking wells.
And, Multipure was the first drinking water filter to be NSF certified for the reduction of Arsenic V, a naturally occurring toxin that has been linked to cancer, nervous system failure, heart disease and skin irritation.
In fact, Multipure was a the first and the only manufacturer of filtration devices certified for Arsenic V reduction. In addition to being the first in the water filtration industry to reduce Arsenic V, Multipure has been a leader in the removal of asbestos and parasitic cysts and is one of the few manufacturers to reduce chloramine, toxaphene, chlordane and PCBs.